• Rate, Review and Discuss this Sunday's TWD Episode TWD Episodes
  • Filming Spoilers for Walking Dead Season 11, TWD Spoilers
  • Cobra Kai Season 4 is in production and two stars were upped to series regulars. TV Shows----Drama/Action---Cobra Kai
  • New Scavenger Hunt! Smack Angela Kang with Lucille for points as we prepare for Sundays episode. Hunt ends Monday at midnight.
  • Episode 8, the penultimate episode, of WandaVision has dropped TV Shows--Marvel--WandaVision
  • Army of The Dead from Zack Snyder teaser has dropped. Films--Horror--Army of The Dead
  • Shadow and Bone teaser trailer has dropped on Netflix. Tv Shows---Scifi/Fantasy
  • See the latest Sociial Media Postings from cast and crew members in TWD Spoilers
  • What are you watching on TV? Share your reviews and read others in TV Shows
  • Filming spoilers and discussion for the extra 6 episodes of The Walking Dead scheduled for 2021 in TWD Spoilers
  • What movies have you seen that you would recommend? That you would say don't ever watch? Or somewhere in between? Share your opinions in Films



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